Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday night sounds

First you need to read this article on the Saints by one of Australia's best music writers Andrew.P.Street. Then you need to listen to this song - and while you are listening understand this song was written by a Brisbane band in 1976. Forget about London and New York. Punk started in Queensland. 

But the album I'm listening to tonight is Eternally Yours, and one of the top ten songs of all time - Know Your Product. Now for the disclosure. As is often the way in relationships, one of the first things that's shared is music. I came to understand the importance of the Saints via the other owner of the dog of the yellow house. His family was from Brisbane and a much older brother and sister meant that the Saints were revered in his household. For me, until that introduction, the Saints were just a has-been band from the 80's - Chris Bailey singing ballads while Ed Kuepper maintained his credibility by leaving the band and going solo. But to discover the Saints during the 70's - groundbreaking punk genius.

I no longer own Eternally Yours on vinyl (it was only fair he took that as part of the split) but I have it on CD and listen to it often and loud.

Know Your Product - the Saints


  1. Pedantic older brother comment: actually Ed went via the Laughing Clowns before going solo. Which, in my opinion, is even more credibility maintaining.

  2. That is true - both in fact and in the credibility stakes!

  3. And everyone agrees the Saints were pants after he left.