Friday, November 1, 2013

Morks Kingston

This blog is creating the illusion that all I do is go out and eat at restaurants in Canberra. And you know what - that is totally true (well true for this last week - don't worry I'll be reverting to TV dinners with Leigh Sales in front of the 7:30 report as of next week)....but for now, let us give in to the notion that I am some sort of cRaZy socialite. Which I am.

So tonight was a dinner date with Felix, who is a grand six weeks old. It was his first dinner at a restaurant and I thought I may as well write this here, so that when Felix is older I can show him.  Then we can have an awkward conversation where I explain what a blog was and he can be like, oh wow Aunty Karin, that is really old school. I can't believe you actually typed words into a computer....etc, etc. At that point I will decide that we will never EVER speak of typewriters or videos  or land line phones as this might just blow his mind.

So Felix & co (his parents) and I went to dinner at the new Morks in Kingston. I never went to the old Morks, but like all good things this restaurant left the Northside of Canberra and is now located South on Kingston Foreshore. The food was excellent - look at it yourself. You don't need to know what it is, just trust that it tasted good.

It is interesting, moden thai food with a twist. While everything was great, nothing was wow, but either way this restaurant is a solid addition to the Kingston Foreshore development. I hear Lonsdale Street Roasters is opening down there soon, so if someone could also start up a cocktail bar, a gelati shop, a sticker film land and an IKEA - I'd be one happy little socialite.

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