Tuesday, November 19, 2013

South Coast Series

An old series of drawings from another time and another life. I'm pulling these down tonight (just decided that right then). Not sure why, but for some reason I don't want them up anymore. I guess it makes sense because they are a part of a story that no longer needs to be told. And putting them away I realise that not so long ago I'd still get surprised by unexpected sadness - it would rise in my throat and appear unasked, raw and horrible for a brief fleeting moment. It made no sense, but you know, it doesn't matter now because I think that's gone. Which is good. Yes?

Anyway, I'm a nostalgic fool and have enough old memories in my head to reach for if I wanted, so I really shouldn't go on an on. It's time to put these away and to start framing new stories and drawings and memories of now.

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