Saturday, November 9, 2013

John Dies At The End

But does John Die At The End? I saw the film and I'm not sure I really do know if John died or didn't die. What was puzzling about this film: 

The fact the audience guffawed a lot at the beginning of the film. I (nor my companion*) were just was not on that LoLaCoaster.

Not knowing whether John actually died after watching the film.

That Paul Giamatti was in this film.

The handsomeness of the main character (unexpected more than puzzling).

That so many people were out at 10pm in Canberra just to see this film.

How much the film grew on me and actually had me guffawing.

I'm not sure if this film is genius or simply amateur. I suspect not being able to determine this makes it genius and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I asked the dog and he said 2 stars (I think that's a bit harsh, but I might be a bit tipsy as I write this).

* I wrote about friendship the other day here. I would like to expand on that to say that one definition of friendship is when your friend agrees to accompany you to a 10pm film session on a Friday night... where the film in question is a low budget horror film, of dubious quality. When they say yes to that invitation without hesitation - that is friendship. Total bonus that the film was good and fun.

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