Monday, November 4, 2013

Night Train To Lisbon

Or Last Train To Cairo as I'll probably remember this film as. Ironic given one of the main characters also starred in the Good Listener.... 

A little far fetched in places, but if you give into the fact that everyone in Portugal speaks English (and at times with fetching American accents) quite a nice film. And a film where I learned stuff. Who knew the Portuguese lived through a violent dictatorship? 

The film is based on an international best seller novel by Pascal Mercier originally published in German as Nachtzug nach Lissabon? FYI - that means Night Train to Lisbon for all you non Germanacs. Never ever heard of that book and now predictably I'd like to read it to see if the written text gives the plot and characters more context before launching in on the whole shebang of taking the train to Lisbon. But we all know that that is probably not going to happen so I'm certainly not going to make any grandiose promises here. And seeing I won't be reading the book, maybe I just have to forgive the film for its shortcomings because there were parts where the plot could have taken a predictable turn and it didn't.

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