Monday, October 31, 2011


While the dog of the yellow house is always a few steps ahead of the pack, he always...and without fail, turns his head to check I'm okay. He does it every 3 meters or so. I love that about him. 

I'm conscious a pet octopus would never do that. So that makes dogs better than octopi.


  1. Lovely ^_^ Such a good man.

    Goodness... I quite miss those open (& mostly empty) spaces.

  2. He is a good man! I know, I forget sometimes while there is the lack of big city, the country town stuff is nice.

  3. Flux would do this, even as he is still on the lead and pulling on the lead to get away. God Bless all the dogs. Especially Barney.

  4. Yes indeed. And I was feeling very sorry for myself that weekend, so extra kudos to him for making me remember he is looking out for me. (or just checking I'm not going to run away from him, but whatever that co-dependancy made me man up)

  5. Aaah. Shep does that, but Charlie didn't. Of course, maybe Shep learned to do that because I was so often tricksy with him: he'd run ahead and I'd hide somewhere so had have to come back looking for me. Much fun and games.

    But Charlie? No he wanted to follow his nose. There might be food out there! The people will always be there waiting, but the food might be gone soon. Have to find the food. Now.