Thursday, October 20, 2011

Top 100 - Supersonic, Oasis #4

Story by Brendan

When I was 17, I put this song on every Saturday night, just before I went out. It put me in the right mood with its pumping beat. Going to parties was daunting but necessary at that age. So many people, so many girls to try and impress.

This song was more than about getting pumped up though. It was about adopting a particular persona. I was desperate to be aloof and intriguing. “My friend says he’ll take you home; sits in a corner all alone”. Unfortunately, my efforts at constructing a different persona could not withstand the effects of a few beers, and the real me, which is less the intense loner of the song and more an opinionated bad dancer, would shortly emerge. It took a couple of years to realize, but fortunately for me, girls aren’t as into aloof and intriguing as adolescent indie boys might think (that said, they’re not all that into opinionated bad dancers either…).

Artwork by Karin


  1. I loved Oasis when I was in high school and I really love the artwork that you've created here!

  2. Thanks - it was a fun song and story to work on!

  3. Wow what an honour! I think it expresses the excitement of the song (and the nervous excitement I felt before going out) beautifully. I'm really pleased you chose my favourite line in the song. I always think of the guy sitting alone, knowing that if only a girl would escape with him, he'd show her the adventure of her life. The red and gold starburst captures the thrill and folly of this idea perfectly.

    I don't know how to play this song but I will learn it if you need me to play it at the exhibition!

  4. I'm glad you think it works for the song and story. Isn't your band an emo band? Happy for you to branch out for the opening though!