Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fundraiser, for me for you

The internet is an amazing place. I found out about this fundraiser this morning from a blog I subscribe to, and it looks like this message has already gone far and wide. I love how this imaginary world of the internet can do so much good for just normal folk, living normal lives.

The fundraiser is to help Will who was diagnosed with testicular cancer recently. He is in thousands of dollars of debt after the surgery to remove the tumor, tests - yep he lives in America, home of the not free medical system even if you have a life threatening illness. Will is currently unemployed and unable to work because of his condition and is without health insurance. On top of all that - he is about to start chemo, and I think worrying about paying bills is the last thing you'd want to do when you should be focussed on kicking cancer's butt.

Will's girlfriend Kate has opened up her Etsy shop and is selling some of her photos and Will's collage pieces. The beautiful circle photo is one of hers. Pop into the shop and take a look - it is affordable, original art that you can enjoying twofold knowing that your purchase is helping out Will and Kate's back picket as well as their hearts.

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