Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And then there were none

Do birds have feelings? As in emotional feelings? The baby bird isn't doing so well, in that I think it might have kind of died. One of the adult birds stood next the nest for most of the day, staring glumly at the listless body - shooing away flies. It made me sad, and I said sorry through the double glazed window. Three babies down to none. I hope the magpies come back to the nest and have warmer weather next time they try to have bird babies.


  1. That is sad. I do like magpies even though *THEY ARE DIVE-BOMBING ME* as I ride to work. Like taking little divots out of the foam part in the side of my bike helmet. Seriously, I can can feel one hitting my helmet as I'm riding.

    But usually they are nice birds and sing so wonderfully.

    We've been checking out the baby sea eagle at Olympic Park: http://www.ustream.tv/seaeagles (not the football team).

  2. The last time I watched a stream with eagles something bad happened. In case I jinx it I might just pass. Birdy still didn't wake up today and the mama bird is gone.