Tuesday, October 11, 2011

T is for teak table

After 5 or so years...or however long I have lived in this house...I now finally have a table. It seats 6 and is a teak antique. I'm not sure 6 people will ever fit without a major rejigging of other furniture (like the entire living area) but it is nice to know these things are possible. I have used it twice, because I forget it is there. Come for dinner and remind me please.


  1. I will come for cider chicken!

  2. Oh, beautiful! What a wonderful looking piece of furniture!

  3. I know Iris - I was so happy to buy something old and solid and beautiful for the price of throwaway, bulk, furniture.

    Verity - you are most welcome to come and join me at the table next time you swing by my way xx