Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Places in America - pinned out my trip

Places in America - I mapped it out, and put it up in my room....

It went...

Sydney to LA
LA to Santa Maria
Santa Maria to Monteray
Monteray to San Francisco
San Francisco to Merced
Merced to Bass Lake
Bass Lake to Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa to Eureka
Eureka to Corrallis
Corrallis to Clarkston
Clarkston to Bozeman
Bozeman to Jackson
Jackson to Nephi
Nephi to Bayfield
Bayfield to Gallup
Gallup to Seligman
Seligman to Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Palm Springs
Palm Springs to San Clemente
San Clemente to Needles
Needles to Albuquerque
Albuquerque to Shamrock
Shamrock to North Little Rock
North Little Rock to Memphis
Memphis to St Louis
St Louis to Chicago
Chicago to Maumee
Maumee to Cleveland
Cleveland to Marietta
Marietta to Greensboro
Greensboro to Atlantic Beach
Atlantic Beach to Aiken
Aiken to Birmingham
Birmingham to Jackson
Jackson to New Orleans
New Orleans to Pensacola
Pensacola to Kissamee
Kissamee to Fort Pierce
Fort Pierce to Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale to Melbourne
Melbourne to Fayetteville
Fayetteville to Washington DC
Washington DC to Groton
Groton to Lexington
Lexington to Plymoth
Plymoth to Barre
Barre to Westminster
Westminster to Lexington
Lexington to Cape Cod
Cape Cod to New York


  1. I wish I could go too. I want to go to Cape Cod and eat their many coddy foods. Jarrod and Lisa are in the tex mexy areas of the US as we speak, checking out backwater towns and stuff. I read their emails before I go to work. Makes for unmotivation.

  2. Cape Cod but no Boston?!

    Actually, fair enough.

  3. We stayed in Lexington for a while and went to Boston....