Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Secret Lives of Dogs

So I'm watching this show about the secret lives of dogs, and they had a piece on this awesome dog, who could understand 340 words. Umm my dog can do that:

1 - 20 various peoples names including Karin, Gina, Brookes, Bernie, Len, Julia, Amy, Andrew, Lucy, Rhys, Frank, Mami, Stacey, Magda, Girls, Jo, Justine, Ann, Ollie, Mal.

20-30 His own and other dogs names: B Head, Barney, Bingles, Chop Suey, Barn Head, B Dog, Owen, Oscar, Fynn, Barneyliscious.

30-40 Toys - Star, Ball, Starball, hedgie, frizzabee, boomerang, Saucisson, monkey, square, footy ball.

40 - 80 Commands in English. Sit, stay, wait, roll over, look at me, gruss gott, hola, you can dance, come, off, up, stop, enough, do it quietly, get the birds, where is the ball, come here, inside, drop it, no, give me a kiss, give her a kiss, give him a kiss. Where is XXX ? XXX is coming.

80 - 100 Other stuff - do you want dinner, go for a walk, in the car, have a drink, who's here? Do you want a treat? I'm going to go. See you.

This is boring. He is a genius, just take my word.

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