Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Holidays

Because we are not from these parts, we celebrate Christmas on the Sydney, in the ghetto that is the northern beaches. We pretend it is like a little village in Austria, but it isn't. The suburbs are filled with cars wearing antlers!?!?! and the houses luminescent in christmas lights. In fact there are streets (maybe including the one in which I am staying) where people drive by to look in awe.

This house is one of those houses and I must remember the pleasure the christmas lights bring to others as I'm struggling to find sleep...which is hard due to the bright glow from outside encroaching the darkness that is supposed to come with bed time. You would think the soft hummmm of electricity might lull me into dreams.

The dog of the yellow house has joined me again this year and when I'm on the computer he is curled up in the smallest space under the office desk. Just like when he was little so many years ago, but he kind of fit better then. It can't be comfortable, but he likes being in the way. When he isn't stalking me from room to room, he can be found in the kitchen where he gets fed horrible amounts of food. Last night I caught my mum sneaking him organic bangalow ham. When she saw that I saw she loudly scolded 'last one Barney' - like it was all his fault. Yeah bad dog for hanging around who is projecting her desire for grandchildren on a four legged stooge.

Anyways - I hope you are enjoying the break from work / study / usualness.

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