Monday, September 14, 2009

Someone is good at drawing stars, someone not so...

With paid work being so busy and the markets making me nuts, I hadn't been out for ages, so some friends and I went out to celebrate the fact I didn't have to spend the night making bunting.


I ended up driving which is ironic, and surrounded myself with tipsy folk and a permanent type marker. One small star like shape ended up with two sleeves full of...well on one side un-star like shapes and a good star with song lyrics by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

It was just easier to concede defeat and be coloured in...but the bad part happened when I went to bed. See, I have this funny habit of sleeping with my arm covering my face - a bit like how a bird sleeps. It started off to block out light and now I just can't stop. And what started off as a permanent marker ended up transposing all over my face. I spared you the ugly photo of me waking up...but just imagine all that crap shown below,all over my face (though in reverse). Classy.


  1. I feel like you're mocking my stars. Which is particularly unkind as what I lacked in star skills I made up for with nice words.

  2. True...the words were full of love and very touching. I wore them backward with pride on my face on Sunday.

    Don't feel like I was mocking your stars. I am mocking your stars.

    But I still loved them.