Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shopping I have no way to justify...

So, did you know they have shops in Byron? LOTS OF THEM.

I managed to buy a stack of stuff that I don't really need, has no real practical use, and therefor I am unable to justify. Except I'm going to give it a red hot go.

Pretty blue and white smock dress. I call it my Greek dress. I called it that even before I bought it (while I was trying on a Romanian and Austrian numbers) Seems I got away lightly with just one, but truth be told I have about 12 similar style bag like dresses, and if I can't wear a new outfit to work then I really shouldn't buy it...Fail on justification.

Red felt bag. We walked into the shop and Justine demanded I buy this. She can be really scary sometimes. And can I tell you a secret? When people aren't watching, she sometimes pinches me really hard. I already have 2 red bags. I guess now I have 3.

Rabbit Ipod holder. It is too big for my Ipod, but it will still protect it through cuteness. Won't it?

Wallet. Mine broke, so I need it. Except I have other unbroken ones. Still failing..

This is a beautiful handmade shrine. I wanted to buy 2 others but showed some restraint. I can't really justify this, except at least it is handmade and I'm sure by buying it I've helped a nice Mexican community. Plus it has religious iconography on the inside, and I once did Communion.

Two candlesticks. They are pretty aren't they? I'm not even going to try.

Wooden squirrel. I bought it for Barney. It was his birthday while I was away. Okay it was his birthday - he turned 10. I bought him nothing. The squirrel is mine. I am a bad person.


  1. heheh, not a bad person at all! ;) Great finds.. no need for justification to buy any of those.

  2. Not even the wooden squirrel? You are a great person to take retrospective shopping purrsikat!