Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Slipper fetish

So Barney has a thing for slippers, and he has spent the last three years or so, systematically removing the wool off the top of my ugh like boots. He usually does this while I'm asleep in the hope it will make me get up. Learned behavior really, because without fail, I spring out of bed to chase him down and to get that polka dot boot back.

Why am I telling you this? Well the other day my stepdad saw some dusty pink slipper boots (with poms poms off the side). He bought a pair for me and mum....lucky we don't live in the same town or that fashion faux pas could have been awkward. Imagine bumping into her at the shops with the same pink pom pom boots!

Anyway, my mum posted them to me with a card that said "They don't look too bad on". Now thats about as rude as my mum gets, so the translation is that those damn boots are UGLY. Thing is, she also slipped a pack of home made liver treats inside the boots. Ummm, liver smells. That smell permeated through the plastic bag, and the liver was inside the boots for I guess three days? So the combination of dusty pink wooly fluff, pom poms, and liver = heaven for Barn Head.

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