Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Diary - USA

I was thinking about my friend who had moved to Boston. You know, the one who is bad a writing back to long, detailed emails I send to him...or maybe he is just busy studying. Or maybe that crappy stupid company hasn't sorted out his computer like they should have.

Sorry, back to my story. I was thinking about my friend and I thought it would be funny to read my travel diary from when I was in Boston way way way ago. It wasn't funny at all, so I won't be sharing that. I overused the word interesting and spent too much time describing the lobster I ate for lunch, which I noted was pregnant 'with black goop inside'. Future food writer in the making.

I flicked through the entire journal and what I was good at doing was:

a. describing the weather
Left rainy was a lovely day...drizzling start to the day...woke to a gorgeous day...sunny, beautiful, busy was really, really hot

b. sticking every single thing I came across into my journal
boarding passes, maps, brochures, business cards, maps, wildflowers (oops), toy parachutes, lottery tickets, casino wipes, a shell, coins, ice cream cone wrappers and plastic snakes and lizards

c. using lots of exclamation marks!!
Huge day!! Woke up to snow!! $142!!DISNEYWORLD!! Empire State Building!! Now it is time for shower and bed!!

d. writing useless descriptions
Texas is flat and hot...Target was unreal (wtf???) The drive to Salt Lake City was fairly repetitious though interesting at first...

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