Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leonie Richardson

Ages ago I threatened to write a series of posts about artwork around my house. I guess I've been too busy with the shameless promotion of my own work to pay much attention to anyone else's.

Leonie Richardson is a New Zealand artist and I came across her work when I made a trip to Christchurch with my friend Julia. We had a fricking awesome long weekend and spent much of our time in the Arts Precinct, eating, drinking, taking photos and papping dogs.

Leonie's works in transposed onto thick glass and this piece lives in my bathroom. The images on display were a clever series of pictures combining little kitsch Maori dolls with stereotypical images of New Zealand. I found it really hard to choose (as I'm sure Julia can confirm) but this little one ended up coming home with me and I love it.

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