Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thai Dogs

There are dogs everywhere in Thailand. There are mostly mangy kinds of freaky dogs, though every now and then there is a pristine, well kept, pretty dog that looked as cute as a button.

In Bangkok, dogs could either be seen sunning themselves on the hot sidewalks, or loitering around the many food stalls that line the busy streets. Those ones seemed to be loners and all skin and bone...usually tan with crooked tails, and long black nails.

You can't look at the dogs in the eye - well that's what I say anyway and that theory proved right tonight. Whenever I looked at a dog in my first few hour in Bangkok and made eye contact, that dog would sense I was an easy target and stalk me down the road. I stopped looking because I didn't like the stalking and I couldn't trust myself not to try and pat even the rattiest looking mongrels. 

Tonight in Krabi, we were walking to the markets and my friend spied a dog. She made the mistake and looked. That dog followed us, with a mad look in his eyes. Barn Head is lucky he is mad in a good way.

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