Sunday, July 26, 2009


Last night I met some friends for a belated birthday dinner at Courgette.

We were greeted at the door by one of their friendly staff, and my hello quickly morphed into a 'uh oh' inside my head. Not straight away know how you are mid smile and then your brain kicks in, and all of a sudden you recognise a face, well that's kind of what happened.

So we sat down and a lovely lady helped us with the menu, but the person I recognised kept on hovering around the edges and I could see he was trying to place where he knew me. He was bobbing in and out to check on us, just enough so that every time I started to relax, whoops - there you are again...thanks for the reminder!

Anyways I ordered a lovely steak, or should I say (off the top of my head) a 90 day fillet of beef with potato bobbin, pea puree, roasted baby beetroots and bordelaise sauce. The meal was lovely as was the service. You've got to love complimentary canapes. Oh a cute little mouthful of mango sorbet to cleanse my palate - don't mind if I do!

So yeah - back to my story. Great dinner, great company, blah blah blah blah blah - and the guy comes back as I am about to pay the bill.

'So am I right to say I've seen all your faces before?' He is so friendly and charming, you can't help to like him.

Out loud I said 'yes, yep - you are right. have seen me before.'

While that was happening I had the following conversation in my head:

'You might remember me from one of my previous outings. It was to
a restaurant you worked at before. A restaurant that previously was a sister restaurant to this one. Eggplant or something - can't quite remember. Look I'm a bit blurred on the exact day I was at that establishment....somewhere in 2004? Hang on, ummm...yes it was my wedding day. How did that all work out for me you ask? Yeah apparently not so good. Thanks for asking.'

So Canberra.

PS isn't awkward a funny looking word when you write it out?

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