Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bangkok Top 10

Here is a top ten things to love about Bangkok

1.  Monquills - cross between monkey and a squirrel.  We saw one at Wat Pho. For real.

2.  You can be driven in a taxi through downtown Bangkok, look up and see a cat fall off an awning

3.  Drinking Beer Chang at the hotel pool with good friends

4.  Lots of puppy dogs, even though there are some you should NEVER make eye contact with

5.  Listening to a Thai man playing guitar while singing Walk the Line

6.  Driving in a Tuk Tuk at a crazy speed, hanging on with white knuckles

7.  Watching ladies string small fragrant flowers for beautiful shrines

8.  Bedazzled turrets and the reclining buddah's big feet

9.  Yummy chilli ( but too much and your tummy will hurt)

10.Driving through the expressways at night with the taxi driver playing 'one night in bangkok'

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