Sunday, June 21, 2009

When too much lycra is never enough

Spandex—or elastane—is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber, its major non-synthetic competitor. It was invented in 1959 by DuPont chemist Joseph Shivers. When first introduced, it revolutionized many areas of the clothing industry.


So last night was Knightsbridge's Birthday, which I think marked the great lyrca shortage of Canberra. Let's hope there are no jazz ballet concerts or eisteddfods this week, because the kids won't have anything to wear. 

It isn't everyday that you get to order drinks from your favourite bar from a cyclist in full racing gear, with flashing taillight, and motorcycle helmet. To his right, a bartender with parachute pants, headband and singlet. To his right, black lyrca tights with midriff top. To his get the idea. 

It was initially a confronting experience at 7.30pm, so much flouro combined with man made fibre - but after a few drinks? Who am I kidding, I don't think I ever got used to all the leotards. But it was fun. It also did explain the long line for the ladies - it takes time to get that shiz off.

Favourite outfits were the black and white geometric stockings, the pretty gold leotard, and the striped leotard with matching red shoes. 

Also admired the oversized sweatshirt which sat off the shoulder - very flashdance.
The high school rugby league jersey - very Aubrey Wodonga.
The foil man - not very in theme but very funny.

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