Thursday, June 18, 2009


Happy Birthday Taffy. Caneurism talk reminds me of the first night of Stonefest, where I thought you and Charlie Virtue were perhaps the funniest people I had ever met. And the cleverest. Caneurism makes complete sense to me and hopefully this time it won't get deleted. Getting smashed in the head with a can is no joke wikipedia!
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Attempt # 2
Caneurism is the physical attack using a can as a weapon, usually inflicting injury to the head. Caneurism usually occurs where alcohol is served, and a drinking can is available as a weapon. The most common method of caneurism involves the attacker smashing a full can in the face of the victim. Common injuries resulting from caneurism are headaches, bruising, swelling, disfigurement and loss of sight through eye injury.
In the Australian Capital Territory, there have been isolated incidents in the areas of Belconnen, and O'Connor shops.

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  1. I definitely funny and clever. I don't know about Sammy Kindness.