Tuesday, June 23, 2009

30 Days of Give and Take

Looking at those Japan photos reminded me about the online exhibition I did during that trip - 30 days of give and take. You can go have a look at it here if you are interested.

If you can't access the link, the exhibition was me creating a work a day for 30 days and giving them all away. I documented the process by holding a virtual exhibition. In its madness, and due to my stupidity, this project crossed countries and time zones and went from Canberra to Japan and back. I say due to my stupidity as I started the project not even considering what impact my trip to Japan would have on this exercise (and vice versa). In the end, the online exhibition was better for it, as was the real life exhibition which was held in November at the Front Gallery.

Here is the photo which reminded me of all of this and the picture of the piece I created on the same day.

Day 15 "Tree in Hama-Rikyu-Teien" 24th June

Brooke and I loved this park. It was such a peaceful retreat in a city such as Tokyo. You could see the sky scrapers just behind, fencing the park in a way - but walking through the perfect landscape you were a million miles away. At the time we both talked about how much our mothers would love this park - they seem quite similar in a way. Brooke suggested I give this one to my mum Annemarie. She won't really understand what this is all about but she will like the painting anyway because it was made with love.

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