Friday, June 5, 2009

Cat Cat

I love it when the unexpected happens. I was going to have an early night after The Fighting League, but ended up hanging around for Cat Cat. Turns out a guy who I'd met up with after my exhibition '30 days of give and take' was in the band, so I was interested to hear them play.

Cat Cat reminded me off all the best bits from some of my favourite bands. The walls of guitar like Sonic Youth, though with a more quiet distortion, bits of Joy Division in the underlying desperation...a fantastic bass line and subtle vocals. Layers of sound that reminded me of something, but then seem unexpected. I tried to upload one of their songs so you could see what I mean, but technical difficulties in blog land mean that you will have to go out a buy a copy yourself.

The EP Dig Mountains is fantastic, plus the folded screenprinted cover is beautiful. Well worth $5.

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