Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jeremyville 2nd Avenue

This print was meant for me.

I don't know how, but I managed to stumble across some of Jeremyville's sketches on facebook. It was a sketch of New York and St Marks. At the time I made the comment 'I love this one too. I'm sitting here in Canberra, Australia remembering St Marks and the bar with the cat...this picture is making me home sick for a place that isn't my home!'

I thought about this drawing for months and then one day sent Jeremy an email asking about it. The timing was right, because he had just completed a screenprint of the work and was about to upload the image onto his website. I had to have it - the print is so beautiful and happy, but to me it also represented the bittersweet time of that trip. 

Six weeks of fun and adventure starting in New York, in that very place. Wandering around the village by day, eating brunch at Freemans, and drinks at Schillers Bar in the New York night. Holding hands down Bleecker Street, looking at all the christmas trees with fairy lights, and wearing gloves and scarves to beat the winter chill.

While that print reminds me of those last days, I can't help but also think of the Jeremyville connection from all those years ago....his work takes me back to summer in Sydney when we were younger, walking up Oxford Street with that very same boy, checking out the tshirts in Jeremyville's shop. 

It's funny how one coincidence can lead to one connection and then to another. In the end while things have changed, this print is a reminder to me that sometimes things aren't what they seem, and I guess just aren't meant to be. The fact that this print makes me happy, even when it should make me sad, is all down to the talent and the heart of the artist.

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  1. a lovely story Karin! great to read it! :)
    Jeremy (Jeremyville)