Saturday, January 16, 2016

Swan Lake

Last night I was lucky enough to see Swan Lake, care of a very generous and thoughtful turtle friend who bought tickets for a birthday gift. I've never been to the ballet ever and here is what I learnt:

There's lots of jumping around
Some spinning (though could be more) 
You are not allowed to take photos but everybody does
Red lasers attacking people taking photos are more annoying for everyone than the actual photo taking
Everyone goes outside for intermission, even though there is nothing to buy and nothing to do (no booze?!!!?)
Fur is currently in vogue for the chic ballet types of G to the Z
It's still okay to cough up a lurgy even during the ballet (well lets face it, it really isn't okay ever, but its done regardless)
You can also talk in a non whispering way and kind of come and go as you please
It's really hard to follow the plot at times. A small suggestion to ballet folks, some talking would help and maybe more gesturing?
Inflatable looking swans that bob on the lake going back and forth ARE THE BEST


  1. I love Swan Lake. We saw it in Prague. They had a programme which described the plot, making it a little easier to follow. The lasers sound very annoying!

  2. Yes - next time I'll read the plot first. That was a rookie error!