Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tuna empernadas

Gosh how the time is flying. Busy days turn into busy weeks and everything feels just like yesterday but also months ago all at once. Last Saturday was spent wishing away the rain for picnic plans at enlighten. The rain didn't stop and the picnic went on regardless - but really I should never have worried because I was amongst hardcore picnickers, with a penchant for puddles, pretzels and hello kitty. My kind of crowd.

Tuna empernadas are perfect for a picnic menu and my version super easy to make too. The dough is just 500 grams of flour, one tablespoon each of white wine, melted butter, olive oil. Salt and a pinch of sugar. Mix all of that and add warm water to get it dough like. Knead for a bit (you can even knead it in the mixing bowl to save mess).

Let the dough sit in the fridge. While that is happening pan fry a diced onion. Add in a chopped tomato. Cook for a bit, chuck in a can of good quality tuna, a dash of sugar, a half teaspoon of pimento (or some sort of paprika) a splash of wine and you are done. Take off the stove and add in chopped up olives if you want to.

Now grab the dough and roll out into mini circles. Put a tablespoon of the filling onto each dough circle and pinch together into a half circle.Brush with egg yolk and cook at 180 for about 12-15 minutes. Great hot. Better cold. Tastes even better when you have a geriatric dog helping.

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