Sunday, March 23, 2014

Last hint of Summer

So once I escaped from that negative lens upon which I was looking at life, turns out the weekend was pretty good. 

Animal beers and more pretty candles. Coffee and cake in Braddon on a day which felt like a Saturday in summer, then home for a walk around the block with the dog.

Then a drive while the sun set to a house filled with laughter, happily loud little voices and Hello Kitty Uno. Pizza, piano and practice cocktails and a speckled love heart to match the speckled ice-cream cake. 

Sunday morning the house filled with friends. Home made dukka, roasted chicken, yellow flowers, fresh figs and pretty pink watermelon cordial made from scratch. 

The house is quiet now, except for the soft sounds of Chopin mixed with the steady snore of the dog. The soft light of the afternoon sun reminds me that March is nearly gone and for me, right now - I wish it would just stay. 

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