Monday, March 3, 2014

Inaugural roving dinner

The idea? Eat three courses in three different venues. The reality? 

I was too excited at the start and forgot to take photos at the best person I know from Dubbo's house. It was wonderful though. Cooked grapes, a salmon terrine and a goats cheese flan. Cocktail was ginger beer with scotch and fresh lime. 

Next course was at Will and Christine's. Cocktail a negroni with champagne. Dinner was polenta. Amazing. One of the guests described it as his favourite type of gruel. I concur.
Then a palate cleanser of pistachio icecream, which was not really a palate cleanser but an amazing mini dessert on its own.

Big dessert was supposed to be a walk to enlighten. It rained so we ate manchego with plum paste and roasted figs and stayed put with all the whiskey and the clapping. The cocktail was frangelico and espresso, which had been invented earlier in the evening with much thought and measurement. Then some slices of one night in Kingston, and a few hazelnut tarts. First roving dinner, while the roving was limited - the eating was a success.

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