Monday, August 22, 2011

Four things

First - what is with the formatting on this new version of blogspot. Terrible spacing between paragraphs.

Second - sometimes I write stuff here and then am immediately okay. Then you guys catch up with the writing and wonder if I'm okay. I am but I like it that you check. Keep checking as you feel appropriate.

Third - apple tv is great when it works which is 48% of the time. That means it is really annoying the other times when it doesn't work for NO REASON.

Fourth - the reason why I'm okay is that facebook told me my life would turn out okay. Evidence attached:

Karin got Stay at home mom, married with 2 kids..
You are a stay at home mom, Married to a production manager who makes $73000 per year. you have a Boy named Parker and a girl named Aaliyah. You live the american dream in a suberban home.

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