Thursday, August 18, 2011

A bite to eat

I've been to a bite to eat a lot of late. For a while I forgot how great it is. Retro interior, comfortable vibe, good food - all without being too cool for school. A bite to eat would fit in quite comfortably in Fitzroy in Melbourne, or Newtown in Sydney and here it is in Chifley shops Canberra. Thats one of the best things about Canberra you know...funny little local shops with the most unexpected mix of cafes, restaurants and bars. Yep - this is what our nations capital does well.

Back to a bite to eat. Breakfast includes venison chorizo, home made baked beans, and dishes like the Fat Elvis, which is a bagel with  banana, bacon and house made peanut butter! Lunch from memory involves some wonderful sandwiches. I had a King Henry VIII which was a good chunk of homemade corned beef with swiss cheese and whole grain mustard.  Also their fries are good. So good. Sometimes I dream about them.

Oh and it is also a bar. I'm petitioning they open a second venue around the corner from the yellow house. So far one girl and a dog have signed up.

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