Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mr Klein

Have you seen the film Mr Klein? I have - well I think I saw it today. I am going to provide you with a synopsis that will replicate how confused I feel about this film.

What I do know is Alain Delon plays a very handsome Mr Klein. He is one of two Mr Kleins - or is he two Mr Kleins? Either way, Mr Klein (number one and two) live in Paris. The Mr Klein we know is a cool cat, who buys stuff from Jewish peeps who are selling their artwork as they flee France because of the war.

So the Mr Klein we know is buying stuff and pretty much screwing the poor Jewish people who are not having a great time as it is, and then one day a Jewish newspaper is delivered to his house - addressed to him. Now this doesn't sound so bad, but it is bad because the po-po have a list of all the people that read the Jewish paper and now think the Mr Klein we know is Jewish. But he isn't. Or is he?

He isn't - there is another Mr Klein in Paris who is Jewish and he is kind of setting the Mr Klein we know up, so that the Mr Klein we know comes under the watch of the po-po and not the Mr Klein we don't know.

The rest of the film focusses on the Mr Klein we know and the pretty girls he hangs out with, a weird apartment that has excellent wallpaper, and a nice dog. Maybe this film has some time travel in it, because sometimes you feel like you are in the past and then the future, or maybe a dream. The weird thing is, that although I had no idea what was happening, the film still increases in suspense...and there are many occasions you expect something huge to happen and nothing does. But let me tell you, it does not matter because at the end you are left a broken, frazzled mixed up kid.

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