Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life is like a cartoon

Sometimes I draw cartoons in my head. Todays cartoon ended with a picture of me at a peep show in Adelaide. It all started with a trip to the airport. The taxi driver was talkative.

So are you married.


Why not?

Well...I'm not really sure. I guess the person who was married to me didn't want to be married to me anymore?

Many questions followed which led me to think I was being sized up as a potential bride...with the last one being, maybe I see you here tomorrow and drive you home? Maybe not.

Next frame - sitting on airplane. The two women next to me seem to be irritating. I argue with myself about being too judgmental. Turns out I won that argument. Well the part of me who was intuitive enough to know they would be irritating.

In a two hour flight they talked loudly for 30 minutes about taking a list of emails and magically putting them into a website - what and then people would get emails from the website? I'm not sure...but that new graduate is a bitch!

They also talked about their cats. Including going into detail about one kitty's long and painful demise.

Then came dinner and they both had red wine.

I was sure one of them was going to spill the wine. Again I argued. Why would they spill the wine...don't be silly...they are not going to...would you like some of my napkins?

The w h o l e g l a s s

They also talked about kissing the tarmac every time we hit turbulence. Including starting conversations with 'did you read about that horrible aircr...oh maybe I'll tell it when we land.'

And finally, they talked a LOT and loudly about dating - internet dating. Including the classic statement 'I'm just too busy right now to have a relationship. Just could not possibly fit it in'

Sure you are....

Next frame. Arrive at hotel. It looks like if it ever had a hey day (and I doubt it ever did), it would have been 1981. Open highly flammable curtains to the view of a back alley and the sign below 'Mens Club - Peep Show'.

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