Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fresh tomatoes

There is nothing like fresh tomatoes, is there? You know the smell of the plant? I'm trying to think of how to describe it but I can't. Either way it is a fresh smell unlike no other.

Why am I talking about tomatoes? My friends parents packed up and started a big old tomato farm and I think that is just the best. Not that they started a tomato farm, but I guess that they were brave enough to pack up and start something quite far away. And really a tomato farm is super awesome. You should see it....rows and rows and rows of pretty tomato plants just EVERYWHERE.

So they came to visit here and now I have tomatoes, from the tomato farm. I want to save them forever so I can keep the smell in my kitchen.


  1. I hope they are tomatoes that actually have flavour rather than the usual tomatoes we get in shops, that have been specially bred for shelf-life. Because I (mostly) miss the taste of proper tomatoes.

  2. They are very much like proper tomatoes - yum!