Monday, July 12, 2010

Starts with B and ends with ike

Notice how he looks different here? A little like a dog on the edge of a disaster...

If you look really closely at the photo below, you'll see why. Look through the rear window.

Asleep for 180 kilometers and then BIKE!!!!


  1. OH NO!

    Remember when we took him for his pedicure and that stupid bike pulled up RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM??? I did not think it would end as well as it did, though every now and then I think of him as all these vespas whiz past.

  2. ps - the security phrase thingy was 'tallies''s like the internet knows I have been drinking a lot of tallies lately (that's right, I'm not afraid to admit it!)

  3. I don't know how he can spot them so readily. His face says it all. Terror! BiKeS!! The pedicure day probably wasn't the best day for him, so maybe he had lost a bit of steam by then. But yes his reaction was understated.

    That security thing is psychic. It freaks me out. If it asks me to type in sausage dog, we will be in a cycle of comments around this forever.

  4. Ummm - except seeing it is my blog I don't have to write a phrase. Forgot about that part. xx