Sunday, July 25, 2010

24 hours in Melbourne

Sorry - and no photos of the Movida lunch. It was awkward enough as it was, and to be honest not as good as previous visits. I'll tell you about it though. Squished into an uncomfortable corner of the bar I got to overhear an entire lunch of chit chat as I was touching elbows with my fellow dining companions. One was in a band in the late 90's - they are looking at reforming. She also called muscles 'little ladies' and didn't like them. I won't go into detail why...even though I could.

I ate scallop with potato mouse, the anchovy with tomato icecream, and octopus with potato salad - washed down with the French pear cidre I buy from Plonk at Canberra.

The things I took photos of was a bike off Carson Place for Taffy Bubblegum, me trying to update my blog from a cafe in Hosier Lane and then breakfast in a cafe further along the lane.


  1. You blogged in a cafe in a laneway. You hipster.
    You Melbournian hipster.

    I like that bike.

  2. Ha ha - I'm so hip it hurts! Except the wifi I was stealing dropped out so the post never happened.