Sunday, July 25, 2010

A day in the Yarra Valley - Domaine Chandon

Hands down my favourite sparking wine. And I wasn't going to let the wine tour knuckle head ruin it for me. The winery itself is just beautiful. I could sit there all day, on one of the deck chairs overlooking the vineyards. But instead I spent the time listening to a guy, who was in all fairness probably quite knowledgeable about wine, run through his schtick and listen to his lame arse jokes. Thankfully I've sufficiently blanked them so can't recount any here - but in doing so blanked the interesting facts like about how many cases of wine fit into these vats. Let's go with lots.

These oak barrels costs lots...about $1200 and need to be changed every year or so. Which seems really expensive considering you can pick them up at a nursery for $90 a half.

Drank a glass of the vintage brut with a cheese plate and then went to the tasting room and tried the Meunier Cuvee 2004 - mainly because it was the only blend of theirs I had never tried. It was an interesting blend. I didn't like it enough to buy, but it was a really unusual wine. Not like any other sparkling I've ever had. Dry, but with a strong aftertaste...of...can't quite put my finger on it. Sorry.

To distract you, here are some photos of the beautiful grounds.

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