Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Place & Yours - The 'me' wardrobe

This weeks my place and your comes from Sandra. She wants to know:

What's your favourite item of clothing, the one that you feel special in, the most "you" in, keep going back to, can be spotted in by friends from miles away, wear over and over and hope will never fall apart and die? Perhaps you've even had to darn it already? (There's to keeping an old craft alive!) It might be a scarf that you made, a pair of gorgeous red high heels, a vintage printed dress or even a pair of old pink flannelette pyjamas. Or it can be more than one!

To be honest I wasn't sure what I would choose and then my friend from the medieval circus was all like ' your hello kitty undies!'

So my hello kitty sequined undies were a gift from two special girls and they are my lucky undies. I wear them to important meetings, and generally on days when I need some extra luck. And now I am showing them to the internet.

For more pop over to Pips


  1. You'll be lucky forever now ... some vintage buttons are looking for a home on my blog ... you never know ... LOVE your post ;)

  2. Love it! You just made me laugh/cough and spit out my tea all at once!

  3. Ahahahahahahahahaha.....!!!!

  4. I LOVE them!!! Yup, everyone has something special, even if only a lucky few ever get to see them...normally!!! You might inspire another post to do with underwear favourites -- um -- then again maybe not. ;)

  5. me too hahaha..lucky undies!!..what next!!..a fresh [or not] approach to marketing? who wouldn't want to buy a pair of 'lucky' undies??..think about!!

  6. Well why not show them on the Internet if they are your favourite and lucky undies!! Well done