Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's not just because he is good looking

I've stopped watching the news. The internet put a stop to that. Though now I've found a new reason to watch ABC news...

Introducing Jeremy Fernandez

Sincere without the saccharine, excellent pronunciation, looks awesome in a suit and I bet he is an all round nice guy.


  1. You know, I'm sure he is not 100% nice. Maybe he once kicked a kitten or something. Magda

  2. No - he would never do that....I think he is 100% nice. Or at least 92%

  3. I reckon he's 96% nice - oddly enough one of our ABC channels screens the Sydney news and I've recently become acquianted with Mr Fernandez. He's tops!

  4. I am not convinced he looks good in a suit. in fact he looks much like a kid in his Dad's suit in that particular photo.


  5. F*ck!

    I meant Clarke Kent. F'ckin interweb.

    -C Kent