Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

It doesn't really feel like Christmas to me...partly because another year has flown by, and partly because so many friends are far away. This too is the first year in many that I won't be catching up with a gaggle of my favourite kids and their grown ups. That was one part of Christmas that I guess was my (our) tradition, and I'll miss it this year.

But on the up and up,I got to have the other tradition of girls and beers out the back, and another kind of up is that Barney will be joining me this Christmas too. He even got drunk and bought stuff on the internet for me...or maybe that was me that got drunk and bought stuff? Either way there are 3 things under the tree that have my name on them!

So anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas. This whole blog thing has been a heap of fun, and I thank those of you who have stopped by for a look. I love it when you comment on stuff and for me it is a great way to share stuff with old friends and now new ones too.

So have a great holiday whatever you believe - one where your family behaves, you get good stuff, and you can relax and be happy.

Big love the yellow house in the U and Barney too


  1. Ahh, a card worth waiting for!
    I very strongly believe that you are tops.
    Those others will be missing you too you know.
    .. Merry Christmas from me and much "blogfriend" love to you and Barney.

  2. You got the card just on time! I love blogfriend love and hope you have a wonderful Christmas, full of fun and love. I just said love a lot - but dang if you can't do that at Christmas when can you?