Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gingerbread House

Hands up who thought that going to a Ginger bread making class, is a class where a red head shows you how to bake bread? Turns out it was a class in how to eat your body weight in lollies whilst making little christmas houses!

So first you get your little kit home all ready to build. I wanted to make a replica of the Chrysler Building, but the kit is pre-made so there really isn't much room to move on the overall design.

You then put your little house together with icing and pins. In fact the icing is useful for pretty much holding lots of stuff together like your dress to your camera.

Next step designing. And you also start learning not to take personally what appear to be pointed questions like 'you do realise they are sour lollies you are using?' or 'do you have any more red smarties?'. The smarties comment was said accusingly - I don't care what you say!

But anyway, the answer is 'yes I realise, and do you realise how AWESOME my ginger house roof is sucker?'.

I have also included the photo below to show you that lawyers can be creative, in a creative sense. We all know they can be tricky creative - like sneaky with law and stuff, but this is proof they can make things too.

I would have taken a photo of the third gingerbread house, but it snaffled away in the brady bus before you could say 'hot boob'.

Oh and you know the other thing? When you go to something organised by religious folk - the more you try not to blaspheme, the more likelihood of you developing some sort of tourettes disease where all you can say is Jesus, Christ, Hell and Fuck. Sorry Helen, and thanks for inviting me.

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  1. I am very jealous! Our religious folk are only doing the house making thing biannually as they also put on a mighty fine afternoon tea to top off the lolly frenzy. It is too much work for an annual shindig. Probably a good thing though; the kids are still scarred from being told our house was built on jelly foundations because it wasn't a house of God. They have been watching our builders pretty closely to make sure they pour concrete and not jelly mix.xx