Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hung out a Trackside yesterday afternoon. Lots of fluorescent colours, fake tans, mid-drift tops and shirtless boys.

Heard Tame Implala who sounded fantastic. Saw The Mess Hall and Cut Off Your Hands. Cut Off Your Hands were a real surprise - they played a great set, though towards the end I thought they played the same song twice. Turns out some of their songs just sound pretty similar.

Fun day sitting on the grass, watching the world go by and listening to good music and the squeals of people having fun. People - it is days like this where I think Canberra is underrated.


  1. I miss trackside. Although last year I went on the dodgem cars and halfway through the ride my buggy suddenly had sparks and funny noises and smoke coming off it, and all the other cars stopped moving.

    That bit was fun - the bad part was that the dodgem car guy accused me over the loudspeaker of doing it on purpose. He also asked "Have you ever driven a car before?" but he made it sound like "Anyone who knows how to drive knows that you don't let electrical fires start in your car, moron."

    There's only two fucking controls in those buggies - a wheel and a pedal - and neither is marked 'self destruct'.

  2. This year there were no dodgems. I had wondered why. Now I know the answer