Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Smoke

Today was a long day that involved a trip to away. I forgot to pack my camera so will have to use my words to tell you about the day.

The drive into the city was bumper to bumper, but that's okay because the pretty hindi music made for quite the soundtrack and I was in no hurry. You forget about that big city feel - the cars, the trams, people commuting.

Stopped for a coffee in in a concrete floored gallery and ate sour cherry danish while watching people come and go. A couple on holiday, a businessman on his way to work, and the takeaway trade of regulars in and out the door.

Sitting in the park while we waited for time to pass. 'I feel like I'm in Brisbane' she said. And it did, with the early morning heat, the palms and trees and the sun damaged grass - all with the city skirting around the edges.

Late afternoon was spent dodging cars and walking by the shops. The laneways and street art a sensory overload.

Then as the plane flies back into Canberra, I look from out in the sky and think it odd that I am now the view from my back door.

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