Friday, November 13, 2009

Definition of restraint...

Remember when I wrote about this? It sat in my living room for weeks, without me even taking a peak. This morning was the day of awsomeness. I'm glad I waited because it was worth it and I love it.


  1. oooh, happy birthday!!!! :) friday the 13th! :))

    so glad it is number 7 too, that is a lucky number!!

    thanks so much Karin for all your amazing support! I love your 'The Yellow House in the U' blog!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! you were totally right to wait for the surprise ! what a great poster !

    by the way your dog is the cutest

  3. Does that mean you have had a Birthday?
    Hope it was smashing!

    also What a great poster.

    Birthday hugs to you Miss U

  4. Yay for lucky 7 and wonderful Hello Kitty print. It was created by Jeremyville for the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Exhibition, in Los Angeles. I have the catalogue from the 30th Anniversary Exhibition and now I have some artwork from the 35th. Who knows what will happen for the 40th...

    Thank you for the birthday wishes - it is so lovely to get them via the yellow house and hugs too! Caroline, you made Barney blush ♥