Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Okay...hands up

How many of you googled today 'can dogs eat chicken feet'?

I had bought Barney some chicken feet as a treat. Well actually I didn't buy them, the man at the chicken shop gave them to me.

They sat in the fridge for days - I don't know, I just felt weird giving them to him.

So today I decide to let him try one. Got it out of the fridge and hesitated. I mean, should dogs really eat chicken feet?

I should have googled before this next part....I threw the foot out the back, Barney went over and sniffed it, and then looked at me.

I told him it was a treat. He sniffed it again and walked away. I virtually had to make him eat it on command. 'Come on dude - it is a chicken foot, and it's YUM!'.

So he eats it and it looks hilarious. The chicken foot is kind of flipping around as Barney tries to crunch through I guess what is all bone and cartilage. He gives up and swallows it whole and that is when I notice the BIG CHICKEN CLAWS. And thats when I go inside to ask the internet if I have just severed my dogs intestine.

Please note, while this post says today - this all happened yesterday. I decided not to hit publish in case it took more than 24 hours to kill by chicken feet, and then there would be the awful dilemma of having the post as a constant reminder.

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