Thursday, July 20, 2017

At least you had the decency to blush...

The Hummingbirds. A band that has given me music that has spanned my lifetime.

Coming to China and picking out which albums to bring was a little like playing the game what ten records you'd bring to a desert island...except thats a stupid game because how would a desert island have a record player? 

Anyway, loveBUZZ by the Hummingbirds was on top of that pile of ten 74. It is such a wonderful album and has seen me through so many stages of life. An album I'd play getting ready to go out (to probably go see the Hummingbirds, or Ratcat, or Smudge, or You Am I, or the Welcome Mat). An album I'd play while painting and drawing in my uni years, with some cringe worthy results:

An album I'd play through breakups, new loves and new countries.

And here we are now a million miles away from Sydney town and the Hopetoun, the Lansdowne and everything else that was great about my city then. Hanging out in Glebe on market day selling stuff and then browsing Half A Cow for a new compilation or fanzine or both.  Scanning for Phantom and Waterfront Records specials in On The Street and then  (depending on what was on offer) driving into the city and parking my old Toyota Corolla right outside at opening time, to pick up that limited edition something something. Waterfront was always my first choice given there was always a place to park down that end of the city in the concrete and wind tunnels of George street. Sifting through the records while side glancing at who was about and working the counter that day but also watching the clock to make the first class at uni (and escape a parking ticket).

And through those years, there I was on the periphery, looking in at a group of people who were producing amazing music as we all travelled in similar circles... our small little world in a big city.  

That group is still there, much older and connected in a different way, which is how I came to hear about the passing of Simon Holmes. I'll leave all the words about Simon for those who knew him well, but the sadness spans far and wide. 

And today I'm thinking about that group of people and Simon's children and loved ones, including bandmates and friends - listening to his beautiful voice and those magical Hummingbird harmonies. Much love to those who are doing the same.

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