Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chengdu - what we did and how we did it

So this is a kind of 36 hours in Chengdu (but not the New York Times version) because it would have been 40 hours in Chengdu if not for plane first piece of advice for China domestic travel? Always carry a book.

We stayed at Ascott Raffles - not really that central but also not too far away and for the price and the quality of the rooms, a comfortable stay. Not to mention the handy mall next door and the even handier coffee place about a 5 minute walk away (complete with resident dog).

Go to Wide and Narrow Alley - even though it's touristy it has great food and a fun atmosphere.  

We then found Charu Space which is a great Tibetan coffee place which also feature yak milk and yoghurt. It is in a kind of office block on the 16th floor in the middle of nowhere but is worth the visit. Calm vibes, eclectic objects, interesting view - Address: 四川成都市一环路南四段21号,A栋1单元1607, Building A Unit 1, Rm 1607, No .21 First Ring Southern Section 4, Wuhou District

And no trip to Chengdu is complete without hotpot! We went to one in Fushou Alley (Da Miao Hotpot) behind Marquis Palace. 

Day two: pandas. Get up early and head out to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas. It opens at 7:30 and it's worth getting there at bang on opening time to beat the crowds.

Watching pandas make you hungry so why stop at one lunch? Just down the road from Red Beard Burger Bar is a great group of shops, including amazing dumplings....but save room for the best burger in China - 28 Zijing Dog Lu.

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