Monday, July 10, 2017

Pimping for the pooches

On June the 19th a whole bunch of dogs (over 1000) were rescued off a truck just outside of Guangzhou. And without getting into the ethics of all of this, avid readers of this blog would see that dogs are much loved pets in big cities in China - you've met nearly 300 here! But (and cultural practices aside), there are still issues with how dogs are treated in China and this truck full of dogs is one big mess of a problem. 

And lots of people in Guangzhou are doing wonderful things to look out for these pooches, and even I have taken a few of them under my dog loving wing.  My lot are prime candidates for adoption - totally social, happy, friendly dogs. But in the meantime (while they wait to be health cleared) it costs money to board them and feed them and give them the medical care they need - and there are some hardworking people here organising all of that. But it's a pretty overwhelming task.

I'm trying to help out a little bit where I can. Checking in on my doggos, heading out to fundraisers and baking biscuits. Lots of biscuits. 

So here's the thing. I have lots of biscuits to sell. Wouldn't you just love some? Be honest, you'd love some based on the packaging alone! If you and I were in the same city right now, would you buy some of these dog treats from me, for your pooch or your best pooch pal? 

If the answer is yes, how about doing it virtually? Buy a bag of treats and I'll make sure the money goes to helping to G to the Z doggos. I'll also make sure your bag of treats gets to a dog in need. 

Small bags are 20 RMB (one coffee in Australia), medium 25 RMB (which are vegetarian and around $4AUD for ten) and large 30 RMB ($6AUD). Anyone in China can wechat me if you'd like to buy a bag. Anyone anywhere else - send me a message. Every little bit helps.

Here are the dogs you'll be helping:

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