Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rollerskating jam called Saturday (weekend wanderings Tianhe)

There are pockets of lovely in this town, and just to the east of Tianhe sports centre you'll find a maze of laneways filled with tiled buildings, apartments, mango trees and daily life. It's the one place I've noticed where the sound of traffic competes with the buzzing noise of cicadas.

This hood is home to cafes like Hay and APF coffee, bagel and icrecream shops and funny little pink neon spaces.  A great place to watch everyday life as teenagers do homework, guys working on spreadsheets, friends catch up for coffee. 

On the street there are parents riding mobikes, balancing small children in the baskets, and people walking slowly through the hot hot heat. Posing for photos the girls still look amazing - how is that possible when the temperature feels like 43 degrees? And when I bump into one of the handful of people I know in this place, I think how funny it is when you make a home even in a huge city, you can still find your places, and small circles of life.

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